What is Two Wheeler Insurance & Top 5 Two Wheeler Insurance

What is Two Wheeler Insurance & Top 5 Two Wheeler Insurance 1

Two Wheeler insurance is insurance arrange that provides cover for numerous kinds of damages that will occur to a motorcycle/bike or its rider(s) because of an accident, stealing or natural calamities. it’s a protection for the bike and therefore the rider to protect them from unexpected liabilities that will occur from injuries due to an accident. The two-wheeler insurance policy provides comprehensive coverage against a majority of damage losses.

What is Covered

It covers all damage or damage to the vehicle from accident, theft or any other man-made issues such as riots, assaults, fire, and terrorism.

Vehicle damage from any natural disaster such as fire, earthquake.

Any injury, death, permanent disability or property damage that has occurred due to an accident. Car Insurance protects against the legal responsibility of all third parties.

What is Two Wheeler Insurance & Top 5 Two Wheeler Insurance 2

Personal Accident Cover is applicable in the event of death or permanent incapacity.

What is not Covered

Damages occur to the vehicle while riding a vehicle after drinking alcohol.

Damages caused because of war or any nuclear risks.

What is Two Wheeler Insurance & Top 5 Two Wheeler Insurance 3

Any kind of accidental damage caused at the time of performing illegal activities.

Damage while riding without a legal driving license is not covered.

The cost of mechanical service due to continuous use is not covered under this plan.

Top 5 Two Wheeler Insurance

HDFC Ergo Insurance

HDFC is the largest company in India, that offers insurance on motorbikes with advantages benefits.

It offers an instant online policy where the users can claim as policyholders immediately by following the details.

It additionally offers repayment on all accidental damages to the vehicle in advantages to the insurance holders.

You can get your vehicle repaired along with the accessories with the services provided by HDFC.

You can also file a claim online with the purpose of availing the services given by the company with premium benefits.

In case if you have any issues related to the policies or services provided by the company, you’ll be able to call the customer care numbers given on the website to resolve your matter or you may also drop your claim by logging into the customer’s voice box.

Bajaj Allianz

Bajaj Allianz is one of the leading companies in India, which offers the best insurance policy on all two-wheelers.

It offers free services in the chosen garages along with the hassle-free claim settlement.

You can simply renew your Bajaj Allianz insurance policy online.

This includes insurance on natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, typhoons, cyclones, etc. or all accidents like terrorist activity, theft, riot, etc.

The company also provides third-party liability benefits in case of property damage or accidental injury or even death of a person.

ICICI Lombard

ICICI is one of the Famous companies offering insurance for motorbikes.

It gives surety of providing repayment services against damages due to natural or man-made calamities, including personal accidents and terrorist attacks

It also provides multiple modes of payment to pay premium amounts online.

ICICI two-wheeler insurance also benefits third parties on accidental damage or permanent injury or death as per rules.

You can buy an insurance policy online, the bank offers a number of benefits such as issuing online copies, discounts for members of the automobile association, free servicing facility in 3000 garages in India, etc. which are applicable as per rules.

ICICI Lombard offers helpline number of call center team. call center team solve all problems . just call customer care and resolve your issue.

It also offers a doorstep assessor facility in case of break-in insurance in available areas.

 TATA AIG Insurance

It is one of the top insurance companies in India providing insurance for all two-wheelers with many benefits.

It provides a free pick up of vehicle in case of accidents and gives surety of six-month accident repair warranty.

It also offers a direct option to claim online and aims to settle them within a week.

It covers total loss or partial loss of the bike in case of accidents together with third party property damage

It also gives benefit on add on covers like daily allowance, returns invoice, depreciation reimbursement, key replacement, no claim bonus protection, etc. It also provides protection for the loss of personal belongings inside a vehicle during an accident.

TATA AIG Auto secure policyholder can take benefit of the warranty on accidental repairs as rules.

The company cares about the customer’s requirements and makes every effort to achieve customer satisfaction. You can easily the customer care number mentioned on the website to resolve your problems.

Reliance General Insurance

Reliance General Insurance is one of the topmost insurance companies in India, which offers the best insurance policy on automobiles.

Reliance General Insurance offers quick and problem-free claim settlement via NEFT.

It also gives you assistance in repairing any damage to the vehicle for natural calamities and man-made damages and offer renewal tool options for easy access.

With no documentation(Nominal documentation), it offers to repay the amount in case of thefts, floods, accidents, riot, natural disaster, etc along with the third-party liability cover as rules and regulations.

In addition, you’ll be able to get repair or replacement services at free of cost across More than 2100 network of garages all over India with an allowance of Rs. 1500 on towing charges as per rules.

In case of service and support related matters, you can contact the customer care numbers or connect through email.

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