What is Star Care Micro Insurance Policy

What is Star Care Micro Insurance Policy 1

Micro health insurance that covers all of your hospitalization expenses underneath one total assured and one premium rate throughout the policy term. during this star health set up, the premium can modification in keeping with the members enclosed and therefore the age of the insured members. The set up is applicable for each people and family floater policies.

What medical prices and blessings it covers?

What is Star Care Micro Insurance Policy 2

One total insured of Rs 1 lakh and therefore the price of the premium is extremely cheap.
Pre-hospitalization expenses up to 30 days before the reception of the insured person to the network hospital for treatment of any illness/ accident.
Post-hospitalization up to sixty days applicable from the date of dispensation from the treating hospital. The insured can receive seven-membered of the hospitalization expenses (exclusive of area charges) however total payout mustn’t exceed Rs 3,000 in a very policy amount. The treatment that hospitalization becomes obligatory should be for the amount of quite 24 hours.
405 daycare treatments are lined and are allowed a settlement of treatment quantity once the claim is raised.

Cost of medicines and medicines counseled for the cure of the ill-health.
Emergency automobile charges for fast and simple transportation of the insured to the hospital for immediate medical help of a doctor. The insured can get Rs 500 per hospitalization whereas the whole limit of Rs one thousand, which may be availed throughout a policy amount.
Hospital money for hospitalization in any of the govt hospital and can be paid for most of 14 days. The money quantity equal Rs one thousand is provided on a commonplace to the insured up to specific limits.

Higher coverage for social unit charges up to Rs 2,000 per hospitalization and most of Rs 10,000 for every policy amount.
boarding, Room, nursing expenses provided as 0.75% of the total insured purchased. The coverage is out there in each personal area or shared accommodation, as designated.

Other Medical Expenses LIke Pacemakers, Blood, Oxygen, operation theatre charges, anesthesia, medicine, and alternative connected expenses are covered by the star super surplus plan. in the policy schedule, some proportion of total assured dedicated to these expenses.

Treatment for special diseases which has Medical Management of major sicknesses medical administration of the other ill health, cataract, serious injuries caused by accidents, major surgeries, and other surgeries. A coverage floating between Rs seven,500 to Rs forty,000 is given on happening of any of the sicknesses.
No pre-policy checkup and client will feel relaxed from acquisition price over a range of medical tests.
Pre-existing illness coverage wherever the insured needs to befit the waiting amount as framed by Star health insurance.

Minimum Age of entry 18 years
Maximum Age of entry 65 years
Sum Insured Rs 3/4/5/10 lakhs
Number members are often included For people solely
Premium Paying term One Year
Premium Paying Modes Annually/Monthly

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