Family Health Optima Insurance Plan benefits

Family Health Optima Insurance Plan benefits 1

The Star Family Health Optima Scheme is designed for the health needs of individuals and family.

What medical prices and benefits it covers?

The automatic refill of the add insured if the insured have consumed the total quantity of add insured through continuous claims. The refill may be raised up to three times by 100% anytime.
Additional add Insured for Road Traffic Accident (RTA) that caused portion to body elements and created the insured admitted to a hospital. A most of Rs 5 lakhs is allowed from the add insured.
In-Patient hospitalization for an unwellness or accident which require immediate treatment in a very hospital below the regulation of caregiver that involves major expenses physiological condition, Blood, specialist, caregiver, Consultants and Specialist Fees, operating surgeon fee, Oxygen, Operation Theatre charges, prescribed drugs.
Aircar cowl that may be a transport service equipped with all the medical facilities and ar offered if there’s no availableness of hospital close. Insured will claim up to 100% of the essential add insured annually and applicable to Rs. five Lakhs of add Insured.
Pre and Post-hospitalization expense ar punctually given bound limit and glued days as pictured within the policy terms and conditions.
Newborn Baby expenses like daily nutrition, vaccinations, medication, etc are covered up to Rs 50,000 or 100% of the add insured, and therefore the coverage can begin from the sixteenth day when the birth is taken.
Emergency Domestic evacuation may be a feature that helps in transportation of insured from the hospital wherever treatment is taken presently to the hospital, that is suggested by the medical skilled.
Return of Mortal Remains wherever Rs 5,000 is given towards compensating the price of coming back regarding the insured and delivery of same to the house of insured. the price can embrace the price of embalming, coffin charges, etc.
During an associate emergency, the insured will avail treatment in most popular network hospitals as advocated by Star Health. there’ll be {lump add|payment} payment of 1 chronicle of the sum insured wherever the number shouldn’t cross Rs 5,000 per policy year.
Shared accommodation for any reasonable treatment throughout in-patient hospitalization.
Donor Expenses for Organ Transplantation as a recommendation to the human by a physician.
Health check-up price is roofed up to Rs 3500 most for the best add insured. The health check-up price is common to each people and should happen over once in a very year.
Assisted replica treatment for the cases of subfertility and therefore the most quantity paid is Rs one large integer for add Insured of Rs five lakhs and Rs two lakhs for add insured of Rs ten lakhs or on top of.
AYUSH treatment wherever the treatment is said to a piece of writing, Unani, Siddha, and medical aid may be taken. The organization from wherever treatment is operated should be licensed below the standard Council of India/National enfranchisement Board on Health.
Domiciliary hospitalization if the treatment is operated reception because of deficiency of bed or the medical condition of the insured is feeble.
No medical examination is needed for the client below 50 years before the acquisition of the policy.

Minimum age of entry 18 years
Maximum age of entry 65 years
Sum Insured Rs 3/4/5/10 lakhs
Number of members may be included Under individuals policy: One member
Under Family Floater: 6 members
Premium paying term One Year
Premium paying modes Annually/Monthly

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