Best Term Life Insurance Plans in India

Best Term Life Insurance Plans in India

What Is Term Insurance .?

Term insurance is a kind of life insurance policy that gives coverage for a certain period of your time or a fixed “term” of years. If the insured dies during the time period per the policy and also the policy is active – or operative – then a death benefit are going to be paid. but they do not offer any maturity benefits at the end of the policy term.

Among all the life insurance products, the term insurance policy offers the best life coverage for the minimum premiums throughout the term of the policy. Some Insurance companies additionally cover permanent or partial disability wherein the policyholder’s regular income is discontinuous.

Note: just in case of survival of the client the coverage at the sooner rate of premiums is not warranted after the end of the policy. the client needs to either obtain extended coverage with different payment condition or forgo the coverage entirely.

Benefits of Term Insurance Plan

  • Get all amount in one time in the event sudden death.
  • See off all of your loans and liabilities.
  • Provide money so that your family continues to measure proudly.
  • Online term insurance plan also takes care of family just in case of your incapacity or critical illness.
  • Provides supplementary financial gain just in case of loss of financial gain because of accidental disability or illness.
  • Get all amount if diagnosed with a critical illness.
  • Additional total insured just in case of accidental death.

Tax Benefits:

Term life insurance plans come with wonderful tax advantages. you’ll be able to avail moneymaking tax advantages under Section 80C and Section 10 (10D) of the income tax Act, 1961. in addition, the premiums purchased the critical illness profit also qualifies for a deduction under Section 80D.

Note: Tax advantages are subject to changes in tax laws. Please consult your tax consultant for details.

Term Policy Term:

The minimum term policy term is 5 years, with the most varying from 25 years to whole lifetime for equated monthly premium payments. For single premium policies, the minimum term of the policy is only 5 years and the maximum term can be up to 40 years. individuals will prefer the term plan period they suppose works for them. experts recommend going for a longer period term plan because the premium amount generally gets secured and the insured party gets to pay the same premium over the tenure of the term plan for a constant amount of cover.

Plan choice:

Single life means the term plan can only offer to protect the life of the insured party who is generally the wage earner of the family. A joint life term plan, on the other hand, covers the lifetime of each the husband and the partner through a single term plan. Most term insurance plans offer the term plan on a primary claim basis. this means that the term plan pays the insured amount on the expiry of either of the two insured people. There also are different term plans that pay on the death of each the insured persons.

Entry Age:

Term insurance plan requires a minimum age of 18 years, with a maximum age limit of 65 years with optional add on advantages. The premium of the term plan will increase with age so if you are young you should choose long term insurance policy.his can guarantee they have locked premium amount that doesn’t change much most of these term plans most cases.

Maturity Age:

the best term insurance plans are people who offer cover well into the lifetime of the insured. Most term plans provide cover the insured to up to 65-70 years of age. Term plans that have a better maturity age may additionally charge a higher premium rate as they provide a term insurance cover against life risks for a longer tenure.

Survival benefits:

A regular term plan has no living benefit. But, due to the demand of investors, various companies have opted to start term insurance plans with survival benefits. known as Term Return of Premium (TROP) plans, the term plan refunds the premium at the end of the term plan tenure if the mortal survives the period. The TROP plan is changing into popular people who are trying to find savings as well as insurance with their term plan. This term life insurance plan includes a higher premium than the standard term plan but has the advantage of assurance that the customer can get back the premium he or she has to pay the life insurance company for the cover. Policyholders should read the insurance terms and conditions very carefully to know how much money they will get back as survival benefits. examine the term insurance policy that meets your needs with our term plan comparison.

Death benefits:

On the ending of the life assured during the tenure of the policy, the nominee/ beneficiary of the term policy receives the entire death benefit chosen at the time of commencement. depending on the type of plan, the death benefit may keep the same over the whole period of the plan, insurance companies also offer decreasing term plans and increasing term plans. The payment can be a lump sum payment, a lump sum payment plus an annuity, monthly, quarterly or yearly or annuity only, as per the term plans are chosen by the policyholder.

Moreover, there are basic life cover plus monthly income plans which are specifically designed to take care of the monthly expenses of the family, even within the absence of the customer. below this plan choice, a lump-sum payout is created to the beneficiary just in case of the policyholder’s decease. along with the one-time payment, For your daily family expenses, you will be paid every month for 10 years, term insurance also provides you..

This set up is best suitable for people who are the only wage earner of the family or whose dependents do not have any other source of financial gain. So, with the monthly income feature of the plan the dependent to use the money wisely and take care of their monthly liabilities.

Limited Pay:

limited premium payment term insurance plan allows customers to buy plans that have long coverage but premiums can be done in the short term. for example, a person want to buy a plan that has 40 years coverage and 5 years premium time, then he/she only have to pay the 5-year premium but insurance covers him for 40 years.
The premium payments term ends within a short- time period.
Reduced the chances of policy lapse.
Besides this, one of the major benefits offered by limited pay choice is that, below this option of premium payment, one will save to 400th on the premium amount.

Maturity benefits:

Best Term Life Insurance Plans in India 1

term insurance plans do not come with any survival or maturity benefits. If one needs maturity advantages, then a TROP (Term Return of Premium) plan is recommended. Read additional regarding TROP plan here.

Additional Rider Benefits:

extra optional advantages like critical illness and accidental death/ disability or Accelerated Assured amount are also available. the advantages can be added to the term plan by paying an additional premium amount. the best term plan in India is that the one that gives these riders at a relatively cheaper price than choosing such cowl through individual plans. select the extra optional advantages for your insurance set up with our web site. Use the term set up comparison options to range the extra advantages you wish. Some common term insurance riders are:
Accidental Total and Permanent Disability Rider
Accidental death benefit rider
Waiver of Premium
Critical illness rider
Income benefit rider

Best Term Life Insurance Plans in India

A term insurance policy is a must-have if you wish to make sure that your loved ones are forever financially secure. confirm to analysis various plans that are being offered, compare options and advantages of these plans, and choose a policy that provides you coverage as per your needs. Refer to the term insurance Policy comparison chart provided below to settle on from an in-depth array of life term plans to suit your needs:

ICICI Prudential iProtect Smart Term Insurance Plan

Features of ICICI Pru iProtect Smart

  • ICICI Prudential iProtect Smart Plan is an online plan that can be purchased only through online medium.
  • Four protection options as per need- Life, Life plus, Life and Health, All in One.
  • This Plan gives comprehensive coverage for a terminal disease, death, and disability
  • Offers Special discount on premiums for Girls and Ladies.
  • This plan, give you get three payout options lump sum, monthly income, and increasing income. the policyholder can choose any system.
  • Special extensive coverage for females by offering coverage for breast cancer and cervical cancer.
  • Option to increase the sum assured for key milestone achievements like marriage or birth/legal adoption of 1st and 2nd child.

HDFC Life Click 2 Protect 3D Plus Term Insurance Plan


Accidental Death Benefit: just in case of accidental death of the life assured the nominee can receive the basic plan coverage and the accidental death rider benefit. The Accidental death benefit is offered under only “Extra Life Life income” plan options

Accidental & Total Permanent Disability (ATPD): just in case the life assured suffers an accidental total permanent disability, in that case, all future premiums payable under the term plan are waived off. This rider is offered under all optional plans under the click 2 protect 3D plus.

Critical illness Benefit: just in case the life assured is diagnosed with any of the covered critical illnesses, all future premiums owed under the term plan are waived. The critical illness rider is offered under only “3D Life & 3D Life Long Protection” options

Terminal illness Benefit: just in case the life assured is diagnosed with any of the covered terminal illness, the life assured can receive the benefit and also the policy can terminate. This rider is offered under all optional plans under the click 2 protect 3D plus plan.

Life Stage Protection: On life stage event, you’ve got an option to increase the basic sum assured. you have the choice to extend the coverage (Sum Assured) in future on different life stage events like wedding and Child Birth. However, you must choose this option at the time of the inception of the policy.

Max Life Online Term Plan Plus

The main features are mentioned below:

  • Get 100% sum assured
  • 30 day free look period
  • Tax Benefits on the premiums and the payouts under Section 80C, 80D, 80DD and 10(10D) of Income Tax Act.
  • Rebates on the higher sum assured
  • Lower rates for non-smokers and female lives
  • Flexibility to choose a term plan policy period
  • Offers 3 variants with different payout options
  • Flexibility in premium payment modes

Aegon Life iTerm Plan

Aegon Life iTerm Plan benefits
Death Benefit: Upon the death of the life insured the nominee can have options of lump-sum payment benefit or monthly income benefit. the combination of each benefit also can be availed under this plan.

Terminal illness Benefit: The plan has an inbuilt terminal illness benefit which will give 25th of the sum assured in case of a terminal illness.

Maturity Benefit: it’s a pure risk plan and doesn’t have benefit payable on maturity of the policy term.

Life Stage Protection: The plan has the option to increase your life coverage as per the increasing life stage needs. i.e. on wedding, you’ll increase your coverage by 500th of the original sum assured and on the birth of your 1st and 2nd child by 25th respectively.

How to Avoid Term Insurance Claim Rejection?

The main purpose of buying a term life insurance policy is to make sure that one’s dependents are taken care of just in case of an unfortunate happening. Thus, to make sure that your dependents don’t face any hassles at the time of creating a claim, confirm to stay the points mentioned below in mind:

Best Term Life Insurance Plans in India 2

Pay your premiums on a regular basis to stay your policy from the lapse.
Disclose all needed info at the time of buying your policy.
Reveal pre-existing medical conditions to your insurance company even if you’re not needed to endure a medical screening.
Read through the claims settlement process, and certify to inform your nominee about the same.
Keep the policy document in a very safe accessible place.

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