Best Star health insurance Plans

Best Star health insurance Plans 1

Star health insurance

Star health insurance is India’s 1st standalone health insurance company, beginning its operations in 2006 have flourished sort of a palm in less time. specialize in providing insurance at cheap rates to its customers, particularly health insurance, Overseas Mediclaim Policy, and Private Accident. The insurer has over 8800 and hospitals providing cashless payment facility, with over 340 and branches across the world.

Star Health is vastly common through its cheap and comparatively cheaper health insurance plans as compared with different company’s plan.

Star health insurance offers wonderful plans that offer extended coverage to all or any the medical prices of people, family, children, senior voters, and oldsters.

Highlights of Star health insurance

Number of Network Hospitals 8800+

Waiting amount for Pre-existing Diseases 4 years

Portability Yes

Number of Policies Issued 3089558

Renewability of the Policy Lifetime

Discounts Available

NCB Bonus 5%-100%

TPA Investment No

Grievances Solved 98.96%

Free Look Period 15 days

Grace Period 30 days

Claim Settlement quantitative relation (2017-18) 61.76%

Why shop for Star Health Insurance?

Incurred Claim Ratio: The Incurred Claim quantitative relation of an organization determines the proportion of claims accepted and paid. The quantitative relation ought to be between an hour to 100 percent as guided by the IRDA. once we quote Incurred Claim settlement quantitative relation of Star health insurance stands at sixty.4%
Customer Satisfaction Ratio: The client plays an associate integral role within the development of the corporate, that why priorItizing them is of prime importance. On the opposite hand, Also, ninetieth of cashless claims area unit attended and cleared among a time gap of two hours.
This shows what proportion Star health insurance client care is persevered in providing quick solutions and so guaranteeing client satisfaction.
Award Titles Earned: ranging from the present list of awards bagged by the Star Health in health insurance class area unit health insurance supplier of the Year – Silver Award, Best health insurance supplier of the year 2018-19 by Business these days, health insurance Company of the Year 2017 by Finteleket and plenty of a lot of to go down.
Cashless Treatment Facility: once the insured meet any accident or ill health that he/she wants immediate medical attention through hospitalization, then this facility becomes active. Star health insurance utterly bears all the expenses flowing out of hospitalization.
8,800+ Network Hospitals everywhere India: Star Health has the biggest network of hospitals in distinction to the opposite health insurance players within the market. A client will avail any of the closest native hospitals for the cashless hospitalization for any ill health, or accident on the permission of Star health insurance.
Lifelong Renewals: the client is supplied with the choice to renew the present policy together with carrying all the profit attained within the previous policy year. Star health insurance offers you the flexibleness to renew the policy on-line with convenience and lesser efforts.
Discounts and Rewards on Renewal: once a client applies for the renewal on the passing of 1 or 2 or third policy as per the policy term is chosen, he/ she’s going to get discounts or bonuses.
Online Facility: Star health insurance promotes the usage of the electronic kind for the convenience {of clients|of consumers|of shoppers} and to reinforce the customer expertise within the claim settlement. wherever is that this facility useful? This facility is often utilized to boost a question regarding the claim procedure and therefore the edges attained in an exceedingly policy, knowing the claim standing, submitting the claim on-line, renewal of the policy, on-line filling of the shape, professional recommendation, etc.

Best Star health insurance Plans

Star health insurance offers a spread of plans for the family furthermore as people. Some plans have a big selection of total insured like Senior voters Red Carpet, Family Health optima (Rs three lakhs to Rs twenty-five lakhs), etc.

While total insured obtainable below some plans is proscribed to 1 definite quantity i.e. Star Care small for Rs one lakh and Star Special look after Rs three lakhs.

List of plans by Star Health Insurance:

Star Comprehensive insurance policy

It is issued on the Star Health Insurance Policy Floater Base which provides Mediclaim Cover to the entire family of individuals.

Entry Age: From 18 years to 65 years, we can Purchase this Policy.

Dependent Children: In this policy, the age of Dependent Children on the policyholder has been set from 3 months to 25 years. Only children of this age are provided Insurance Cover.

Sum Insurance Amount: ranges from 5Lakhs to 25Lakhs.

Renewability: Its lifelong is renewable.

Co-payment: 10% Co-payment is prescribed for those individuals whose entry level is more than 60 years.

Plans Information.
Policy Term: The policy term is one year.

Important Features
No Limit has been specified for Treatment and Room Rent expenses.

It also covers an event like Personal Accident in which the insured person dies Suddenly or becomes Permanent Disable.

This policy also provides automatic cover to the new baby after its birth and also provides maternity benefit.

In this policy, you also get the benefit of getting the eyes treated as an outpatient. All the expenses are borne by the company.

It covers all the expenses up to 405 days during the Insurance Policy Treatment.

Apart from your treatment, it also provides many benefits such as health checkups, bariatric surgeries, the assistance of Air Ambulance in case of need, etc. and for this, you are not charged any extra cost.

Family Health Optima Insurance Plan

This Star Health Insurance provides you both individual plans and family plans at a cheaper rate.

Entry Age: From 18 years to 65 years, we can Purchase this Policy.

Sum Insurance Amount: ranging from 3Lakhs to 25Lakhs.

Renewability: Its Renewability is Lifelong.

Co-payment: Co-payment is 20% of each acceptable claim, but the insured person is above 60 years of age.

Policy Term: The policy term is one year.

Family Health Optima Insurance Plan
Family Health Optima Insurance Plan
Important Feature

It is issued as a single policy but provides health insurance cover to the entire family.

In this, the auto-recharge facility is also provided to you, which means that you can automate your policy up to 30% of Sum Assured, which does not incur any additional charge.

During the policy period, the insured can get up to a maximum of Rs 3500 for his health check-ups every three years.

Under this policy, if a new baby is born within the family, then when the baby is completed for 16 days, then he/she is also provided health cover by the company automatically.

Expenses of Organ Transplantation are also given to Star Health Insurance and Allied Insurance Co. The cover is provided by Ltd.

In this insurance scheme, during the treatment, as long as you stay in the hospital, you are also provided with the whole daycare process.

Medi Classic Insurance Policy (individuals)

This plan helps to mend the health-related problems with people and members of the family underneath the cheap price. The motive behind this plan keeps your savings untouched by delivering timely coverage throughout emergencies treatment of any sickness or accidents.

Best Star health insurance Plans 2
What medical prices and benefits it covers?

All the expenses lined underneath the in-patient hospitalization area unit punctually paid on passing the knowledge of constant to the corporate. Expenses like pharmacy bills, consultation fee, MD fee, doctor’s fees, blood, rooms service charges, nursing, operation theatre price, etc. can get I Chronicles of the add insured on the happening of any of those incidents.
Emergency motorcar facility for every hospitalization up to Rs 1500 per policy term.
Non-allopathic treatment wherever the insured is subject to receive twenty-fifth of the add insured chosen and also the hospital from wherever treatment is taken should be underneath the regulation by government.
The gradual restoration of the add insured by two hundredths if all the advantages and the add insured are used towards the claim settlement. as an example, if you have got opted for Rs five lakhs of the add insured that is completely consumed with advantages, then two-hundredths of Rs five lakhs i.e. ten lakhs are paid.
An additive bonus up to twenty-fifth of the add insured is attributable to the profit pool of Star Health Medi Classic plan. The bonus is given only no claim is exercised by the insured in an exceedingly policy year of health insurance.
101-day care treatments which will be corrected inside twenty-four hours by a medical skilled.
Coverage for members of the family of associated age from a toddler of ninety-one days to an adult of sixty-five years. folks will embrace their dependent kid UN agency doesn’t earn associated up to an age of twenty-five years.
Saves your yearly tax payment on the annual pay and provides relief serious tax payment.
Out-patient treatment at any network hospitals, and if this facility isn’t availed throughout the policy year, the balance is carried forward in the coming renewal.

Minimum Age of entry 18 years/91 days for youngsters
Maximum age of entry 65 years/25 years for dependent youngsters
Sum insured Rs one.5 /2/3/4/5/10/15 lakhs
Number of members is included Under people Policy: one member
Under Family Floater: most of four members
Premium paying term One Year/Two Year
Premium paying modes Annually/Monthly

Star Health Senior Citizens Red Carpet Health Insurance Policy

This Star Health Insurance policy is for people over 60 years of age.

Entry Age: From 60 years to 75 years, we can purchase this policy.

Sum Insurance Amount: ranges from 1Lakhs to 10Lakhs.

Renewability: Its lifelong is renewable.

Star Health Senior Citizens Red Carpet Health Insurance Policy

Co-payment: 50% Co-Payment in this policy is for claims of pre-existing diseases and 30% are applied for other claims.

Policy Term: The policy term is one year.

Important Feature
This policy does not require pre-medical examination.

This Red Carpet Insurance Policy provides us with expenses related to Hospitalization of Patient which includes Nursing Fee, Room Rent, Anesthetics, Medication, and other related expenses, etc.

It can also be taken as an Individual Plan.

The disease already existed in this policy is covered only after completion of two years from the Policy Purchase Date.

Star Health Gain Insurance Policy

This insurance plan provides a Madiclaim Cover to the person along with their family members.

Entry Age: From 5 months to 65 years, we can purchase this policy.

Sum Insurance Amount: 1Lakhs to 5Lakhs

Renewability: Its lifelong is renewable.

Cooling Off Period: 30 days.

Policy Term: The policy term is one year.

Important Feature

The costs of both Inpatient and Outpatient treatments are covered.

The amount saved from Outpatient Treatment is forwarded to the following year.

If there is no Claim of any kind in the current year, then when you get your policy renewed, then you are given a 10% discount.

Fixed Premium for All.

It gets extended as Family Health Insurance, Family Package which includes Health, Mediclaim Benefits and Bonus Options, Is included.

Entry Age: From 5 months to 65 years, we can purchase this policy.

Sum Insurance Amount: up to 1.5Lakhs to 10Lakhs.

Renewability: Its lifelong is renewable.

Co-payment: 10% Co-payment is prescribed for those individuals whose entry level is more than 60 years.

Policy Term: The policy term is one year.

Important Feature

In Claim Free Year the Coverage of your Basic Sum Insured is increased by 5%. (This can be increased by as much as 25%.)

It also provides Health Insurance Free Health Checkups facility.

This Health Insurance Scheme also provides 101-day care cover during the Treatment.

Claim Process of Star Health Insurance

Cashless Claim Settlement Process

  • at first, you need to go network hospital and find insurance desk and show him health identity card issued by star health.
  • The doctors of the network hospitals will examine the identity of insured and The policyholder has to fill the preauthorization form to get approval for the cashless treatment. after insurance company verify insured person treatment details from the network hospital.
  • After when claim accepted the insured person can easily enjoy a free treatment by providing related documents for treatment.
  • Cashless claims are settled only when the following documents are disclosed through a network hospital:
    1. all valid evidence prescription, Cash memos.
    2. Payment Receipt of Summary and Other Medical Bills.
    3. the insured person also has to submit Pathological Test Reports by the pathologist and a medical note form treating medical expert.
    4. Certificate from the surgeon who declaring the treatment carried out, surgeon bill, receipts, etc.
    5. Medical Practitioner’s certificate for confirmation that insured is completely healthy and fit.
  • If the policyholder has above all documents Star Health insurance company pay the total claim amount to the policyholder.

Star Health Insurance Claim Settlement Process

If medical treatment not taken in the network hospital Claims reimbursement applicable and other medical expenses are also claimed.

  • The field doctor will be arranged by Star Health insurance to make the process of hospitalization convenient and effortless.
  • when discharge letter issued to the insured person, the insured person has to pay all the bill payments like pharmacy bills, hospital bills, ambulance, etc. and admitted insured person have to admit all collected original document of treatment for the illness and all the expenses are covered.
  • All the proofs of documents should be submitted to Star Health Insurance in addition to claiming.
  • after this, the claim settlement process will be done as policy terms and conditions and conditions.

Star Health Insurance Renewal Process

the policyholder can renew the existing health plan of Star health and allied insurance policy per annul or as their with using some policy details like:

Policy number, Date of Birth which must be the same as the DOB mentioned at the time of purchase. The policy can be renewed by online using insurance company website by filling above details.

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