Best Child Insurance Plans in India

Best Child Insurance Plans in India 1

What is a Child Plan?

For every parent, their kid is the topmost priority. The upbringing of a child needs excellent financial planning and therefore the sooner one begins it, the better. It is the best financial plan, investment plan and the best-suited policy for your child because it ensures continuing education and a secure future. It makes sure that the child receives all financial aid he needs for overall development in all the years of growth.

Benefits of A Child Plan

A child plan is a scheme to secure your child’s future. It takes care of your child’s desires in your absence and it also brings a substantial amount, time to time, to fulfill various milestones in your child’s life.

Instrument For Child’s Education

Take it because of the most basic, yet most effective profit. Even minimum premium payment helps you to secure significant returns for your child’s education, as high as ten times the paid premium. as an example, you purchase a policy with a premium payment of INR 12,000/-. You become eligible to redeem INR 1,20,000/- at the time of want when you might want to pay faculty fee, higher education fee or overseas education.

Aid For Child’s Medical Expenses

Child plans have a major profit that they are available with a provision of partial withdrawal of a lump sum amount, even if the policy has not reached maturity. this can be very useful in the unfortunate event of hospitalization of a child just in case of severe illness or accident. This amount covers the medical expenses adequately and also act as an add-on to your existing health insurance.

Major Support For child In Parent’s Absence

The arrange comes with features like a waiver of premium, death benefit and lump sum payout at maturity. which means, within the unforeseen circumstance of the parent’s death, the child isn’t responsible to pay future premiums, gets the payment assured, and another payout at the time of maturity of the plan.

Investment For Creatively talented kids

nowadays children’s start earning money at a very young age in entertainment fields like child artist and singers, anchors, etc. One will invest that financial gain in a child plan to protect it and substantiate it in the later years. Capital generation over the years can always be security for the child’s entire life.

Two types of Maturity benefits To the child

Child schemes provide maturity benefits in 2 ways

1. a reimbursement option; which means the child gets assured returns per annum after a number of years of the policy becoming active. This helps at education, higher education, and courses abroad, etc

2. lump sum payout at the maturity of the plan. you’ll take into account your financial condition and wishes, to decide on the best possibility for you. this is a large amount that helps in important events like the wedding of the child or buying a house.

Collateral For Child’s Education Loans

Many financial establishments allow child plans to be kept as collaterals against the loan being searched for education abroad, college education, or to fulfill other child desires.

Tax benefit

You can avail tax advantages under a child plan on death or maturity claim profits under section 10 (10D). Moreover, the premium purchased a child education plan is eligible for a tax deduction.

Maturity benefit

At the time of maturity of the child plan, the add assured is paid resolute the guardian or parent. within the event of the first death of the insured, the kid is allowed to get all the advantages of the child plan.

Loan benefit

You can additionally avail secured loans against a child education plan.

Types of child Plans

Mostly all the insurance providers offer child insurance policies as an important insurance product within the portfolio. These child plans might vary on different parameters basis the individual priorities and wishes and are available handy with customized and tailor-made features.

Single-Premium child plan

The customer pays a lump sum amount within the kind of one premium for the whole policy term and stays worried free from remembering the due dates of premium payment. You’ll not need to come across any hassles of creating an arrangement of finances for the premium payment. Some insurance providers in addition provide appealing discounts or reduce the premium on child plans.

Regular Premium child plan

This way you pay more but you do not have to pay a large amount, you can divide it into smaller parts. you’ll pay the premium monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly.

Child ULIP

Child ULIP plan gives you a three-prolonged benefit, together with higher insurance coverage, contribution within the equity market, and disciplined investments. three benefits mean that the nominative beneficiary, i.e. the child receives the total assured on the death of the insured parent or guardian. the future premiums are waived off and also the maturity amount is paid when the policy matures, ensuring that the future dream of your children is fulfilled.

Best Child Insurance Plans in India 2

Traditional child Endowment plan

In this scheme, the bonus is payable on maturity on return.

How is it different from a Term Plan?

there are two different conditions in these plans,

the first condition is In case the Policyholder could no survive. in that case in term plans death benefit paid and policy goes to the end but in child plan, the death benefit is paid but the policy continues as the insurance company pays rest of the premiums.

In Second Condition if the policyholder survives then in term plans no maturity benefits, but child plan gives maturity benefit.

Best Child Insurance Plans in India

HDFC Life Click2Wealth

Type of Plan-ULIP

Policy Term-Minimum: 10 years Maximum: 40 years

Plan Benefits-

Maturity Benefit: policyholder gets fund value on the end of the policy, all maturity payment get in one single lump sum payment.

Death Benefit: in HDFC Life Click2Wealth policyholder also get death benefits.

Death of the Proposer*: Equal sum of modal premium credited to Fund Value. -Return of Mortality Charges –

Partial Withdrawal -Settlement Option -Top-up premiumsPlan Benefits-

ICICI Pru Smart Kid

Type of Plan-ULIP

Policy Term-Minimum: 10 years Maximum: 25 years

Plan Benefits-

Death Benefit: Lump Sum Benefit

Smart Benefit -Maturity Benefit: on Maturity insured person will get maturity fund.

ICICI Pru Wealth Plus – Rising Star

It is a ULIP plan, its limit is at least 10 years and the maximum is 20 years, in which you also get maturity benefit.

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