Best 5 Travel Insurance Plans

Best 5 Travel Insurance Plans 1

Travel insurance in India provides coverage for health expenditure along with overseas travel insurance coverage. travel insurance also covers for travel delays, obstruction of travel, travel cancellation and other problems related travel, it can also cover expenses related to travel, such as expenses incurred for medical and healthcare infants which are generated during your travel Are there. Some plans may provide services such as travel-related advice, a medical emergency in your home or hospital, an emergency situation or help in case of loss or theft of your money, assets or travel documents like passport, etc.

What Travel Insurance Covers?

Travel insurance is particular to all things associated with travel, covering for all unwarranted expenses associated with occurrences like any delay or cancellation in any of the flight schedules, any loss, thievery or other damage to luggage or passport or different necessary documents further as many policies additionally include Any type of urgent or emergency medical aid during the journey, etc.

Benefits of Travel Insurance

If someone wants to make their journey a simple, simple and stress-free affair, while not worrying about the extra, constant expenses, married to your experience, Having the right travel insurance plan at the right time. well earlier, right at the time of obtaining the trip bookings done in the first place so most benefit and coverage for the whole trip may be availed.

Best 5 Travel Insurance Plans 2

It covers the flight delays, including reimbursements for the meals throughout the time.
Guaranteed prompt assistance just in case of loss of passport or alternative necessary documents.
Emergency medical help is accessible at all times instantly.
Due care is taken of your essential requirements just in case of loss of luggage.
You are safely provided for just in case there’s a general mishappening at the place you’re visiting.
In certain countries, travel insurance is a must so you’re covered for.
Provides most potential cover at the best reasonable price.
Definitely helps in creating the trip additional cost-effective and is additionally not affected by the bankruptcy of the travel company.

Best 5 Travel Insurance in India

Tata AIG Travel Insurance:

You can select from these four plans namely – Travel Guard, Student Guard, Asia Travel Guard Policy and Domestic Travel Guard Policy
Overseas cover from hospitalization expenses, misplacement of bags or loss of passport, flight cancellation and then on
Personal Accident cover
Sponsor protection for students
Asia Travel Guard Policy: It provides 24-hour personal accident cover up to the amount of USD 15,000 also as compensation for the expenses incurred while acquiring a duplicate or new passport.
Domestic Travel Guard Policy offers you cover from hotel expenses arising because of trip delays, missed flights, etc.

Bharti AXA Travel Insurance:

The age limit for travelers under this plan is three months to sixty years
It compensates you for any loss that will arise during the course of your complete trip
It secured you from uncertainties at a nominal cost
There are different plans to satisfy up to your needs, depends if you’re traveling as a person, with family or going for multiple trips, there is a unique plan for each situation
Assured cover from medical repatriation just in case of death or extreme circumstances
Any loss of life or damage incurred from the personal accident is covered
Do not fret even though you happen to misplace your passport or any other necessary documents that were needed for travel functions
Loss of checked-in baggage is additionally covered

HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance Plan:

It secures you from any illness or accident, involving medical costs, outpatient, inpatient costs, treatment costs and medical screening costs in other countries
You can select from Individual and family travel insurance policy and student Suraksha policy.
Get comprehensive cover from risks while you are on a vacation or a business trip
Buying the policy online is an easy and quick process

Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance

Bajaj Allianz offers the best travel insurance plans to fulfill the individualistic travel insurance needs of its clients.

    Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance offers many different types of travel policies.

Individual Plan covered medical expenses, baggage and passport loss, injuries and hijacks also cover your personal liabilities.

Family Plan covers theft, hospitalization, trip cancellation, and curtailment also give cover for disbursement claiming expenses.

Senior Citizen Plan-It provides coverage for hospitalization, loss of luggage, trip curtailment and trip cancellation.

Student Plan cover accidents including hospitalization, family visit expenses, luggage, passport loss, and tuition fee and bail bonds

Corporate Plan cover accidents including hospitalization, dental treatment, injury, passport, and luggage loss and hijack also cover for personal liabilities.

Travel Asia Travel Insurance Plan-It offers coverage for medical evacuation, medical expenses, and repatriation, dental ain relief (emergency), loss of checked-in luggage, delay of luggage, loss of passport, personal accident, added common carrier, emergency cash advance, personal liability and hijack also covered in his plans.

Bajaj Allianz Bharat Bhraman Policy covers personal accidents including permanent total disability, hospital allowance, emergency medical clearing, personal liabilities with trip protection like trip cancellation or curtailment.

Renowned for its ability and stability to fulfill claims
Accredited with iAAA rating from ICRA.
Security of baggage loss, flight delays, loss of passport
Covers personal and medical emergencies throughout the travel
Cashless hospitalization abroad
The Easy and seamless claim settlement method
In your absence, if there’s any burglary try, it’s additionally covered
You can pay through any payment method suitable

New India assurance overseas mediclaim policy

This plan is specially designed for frequent corporate travelers.mediclaim policy cover for all expenses in overseas because of illness, accidents with physical injuries or any disease contracted throughout travel. you wish to pay the premium in Indian currency and the claim is settled in the foreign currency.

Cover Period:

Insurance coverage travel is valid starting from the date of departure to the date of return, this can change if the actual travel dates change for any reason.

Initially, the coverage for 180 days is provided under Business and Holidays plan. To which the extension is allowed on submission of proof of excellent health.

If the journey period is extended because of the public transport delay that isn’t in control of the insured person, the cover is extended automatically for maximum of 7 days with no charges.

Types of Plans:

Below mentioned plans are offered under the overseas mediclaim policy:

OMP- Business and Holidays plan
Employment and Studies plan

Premium to be charged depends upon the age band of the insured person, a period of the journey and the country wherever he must visit.

A person has to take the policy previous to the departure date from India.
A person who desires to induce insured should submit medical reports of good health. Medical reports are necessary in the below-mentioned cases:
Duration of the trip is over 60 days and the age of the insured person is over 60 years visiting USA or Canada.
Duration of the trip is over 60 days and the age of the insured person is over 70 years visiting countries excluding the USA or Canada.
In case the proposal has mentioned that he has suffered from or is full of any sickness or unwellness.
Following medical reports has to be submitted:
ECG Reports with the output signal
Fasting blood glucose and weewee Sugar
Urine Strip Test Report
Any other test report as required by the company along with connected form II (B) to be filled and signed by the Doctor who is conducting the test.


Following Benefits are to be provided below Overseas Mediclaim policy-

Medical Expenses:-

If the insured suffers from a disease, pain, dental problem, or the other medical problem then the company can help them out and additionally borne the expenses that are incurred out of this medical emergency during the coverage period of insurance.

Best 5 Travel Insurance Plans 3

Personal Accidents:-
It covers the expenses, If the insured person is met with an accident or sustain with any physical injury or if death occurs within the accident during the journey period the assured amount is going to be paid to the nominee. This policy covers the following cases:

Death of the policyholder
In Case of Permanent Disability of the insured person.
Total and irrecoverable loss of one eye & one limb or both eyes or both limbs.

Total and irrecoverable loss of one eye & one limb or both eyes or both limbs.

Loss of Checked-in Baggage:-

If the insured person suffers from total loss of luggage during the period of the journey the company can reimburse the amount up to the limit of the cover as mentioned in policy documents.

Delay of Checked-in Baggage:-

If Delay more than 12 hours from schedule time on the international airport the company can reimburse you for shopping items up to limit of cover.

Loss of Passport:-

In case the insured person loss his passport within the journey the company can assist you out and pay you the insurance amount up to the limit as mentioned in the policy documents.

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