Best 3 Pension Plans

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Pension plans, also known as retirement plans, are investment plans that accumulate a portion of your savings over a period of time to allocate you and provide you with a steady income after retirement. Even if a person has a good amount of savings, The pension plan is still important. Savings run out very quickly and are useful to use in emergencies, so it is essential to have the best pension plan that helps you secure your cash flow to meet the daily post-retirement needs.. A right pension scheme lets you plan for retirement in stages. So it is advisable to choose the best pension plan that can act as a savior in your golden years.

Types of Pension Plans in India

In India, there are these types of pension plans

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deferred annuity

This pension plan allows you to accumulate wealth through regular premiums. Pension will start only after the expiry of the policy term. The benefits of deferred pension schemes are large. Includes tax benefits, there is no tax on the money invested in the scheme unless it withdraws it. This plan can be purchased by making regular or one-time payments. Thus, this scheme is suitable for all types of investors.

Immediate Annuity

In this scheme, the pension starts immediately. You have to deposit a lump sum and the pension will start immediately. You can choose from a series of available annuity options. In addition, the premium paid has been exempted according to the Income Tax Act, 1961. In the case of the policyholder, the nominee/beneficiary will be entitled to receive the money as per the selected option.

Annuity Certain / Guaranteed Period Annuity

The regular payment is paid to the annuitant for a particular number of years as per this clause. The annuitant has the right to settle on the period and just in case he/she dies before exhausting all the payments, the regular payments are going to be paid to the beneficiary/ nominee. As per this plan, the annuity is given to the life assured for sure periods like 5, 10, 15 or 20 years whether or not or not he/she survives that period.

Life Annuity

As per Life annuity option, the pension amount is paid to the receiver till his/her death. However, if you decide on the ‘with partner’ the amount of pension is given to the spouse of the policyholder (in case of death).

With cover and without cover Pension Plans

There is a difference between a life cover of a pension scheme with a cover and a pension plan without a cover.

A lump sum is paid to the family members in case the policyholder dies in case of cover.
premiums paid to nominee if the policyholder dies in case of without cover

National Pension theme (NPS)

Best 3 Pension Plans 2

The NPS was introduced by the government for individuals to make up the pension amount. However, you’ll place your savings in the new pension scheme where your money is invested with in equity and debt market as per your preference. Also, you’ll withdraw 60% of the amount at retirement and rest 40% is accustomed to purchasing the annuity.

Pension Funds

Investing in Pension funds may be a good possibility as these plans stay effective for a long time and additionally provide higher returns at maturity.

Best Pension Plans in India

Aegon Life Guaranteed Income Advantage Insurance Plan

Key Features of Aegon Life Guaranteed Income Advantage Insurance

Aegon Life Insurance Give you Guaranteed Income Advantage, as participating plan it takes a part in profits of the company and offers a bonus at the end of policy term as company term and conditions.

After the policy period ends, the policyholder is paid an annual payment up to the age of 85.

The bonus is paid at maturity only during the premium payment period.

If the policyholder dies due to any reason, the bonus is paid

Benefits of Aegon Life Guaranteed Income Advantage Insurance

After the policy period ends, the policyholder is paid an annual payment up to the age of 85.

In case of death of the insured during the policy term, exceeding the Sum Insured or 10 times of the annual premium, in case of death of the insured during the policy term, time of the Sum Insured or annual premium exceeding the Sum Insured.
The premium is paid to the beneficiary earned before or after the close of the payment period.

Aegon Life Guaranteed Income plan offers income tax benefit under which the premium paid and the claim received is exempt from income tax deduction as per section 80C and section 10(10D)of the Income Tax Act as rules.

Bajaj Allianz Retire Rich

Bajaj Allianz Retire Rich is a unit-linked pension plan that comes with guaranteed vesting and death benefits. Bajaj Allianz Retire Rich plan comes with many features:

Flexibility to pay a top-up premium.

Premiums paid are eligible for tax deductions under section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Death benefits, maturity benefits, and surrender value are eligible for tax benefits under Section 10(10D) of the Income Tax Act.

Flexible premium payment term.

SBI Life – Annuity Plus

SBI Life – Annuity Plus gives you the freedom to choose annual options with a single premium payment. Thus, assuring you of regular annuity/pension for the rest of your life.

This retirement scheme offers –

Lifetime Income in SBI Life Annuity Plus plan insured person gets the same amount payment every year, until his death. and the insured person gets full premium amount refund.

annuity payments increase by 3 -5 % every year.

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