benefits Of Star Criticare Plus Insurance Policy

benefits Of Star Criticare Plus Insurance Policy 1

A health plan that comes with special coverage for important illnesses/diseases that area unit injurious to health. there’s no maturity age or exit age within the plan and is subject to regular renewals.

What medical prices and benefits it covers?

Includes space rent allowances, boarding and nursing expenses within which a pair of of the total insured, and therefore the most quantity in rupees is adequate Rs 4,000 per day is roofed.
Fees for availing the services of a doctor, consultant, medical specialist, and specialist.
Cost of medicines and medicines to recover quickly from Associate in Nursing malady.
Emergency auto price coated up to Rs 750 per hospitalization, wherever the gross limit for a policy amount is Rs 1,500 for transferring the insured patient to the hospital.
Non-allopathic treatment coated up to twenty-fifths of the total insured, and therefore the most limit for a policy amount is Rs 25,000. The treatment uses standard strategies that also exist and provides wonderful results.
Pre-hospitalization medical expenses applicable for 30 days before the particular hospitalization happens.
Post-hospitalization expenses wherever quantity adequate seven-membered of the expenses (excluding space charges) is calculated on a payment basis and is given to the insured. the utmost coverage collectible is Rs 5000 per hospitalization.
The customer has the choice to incorporate relations and might avail the five-hitter discount for adding up to a pair of members. Also, 100% discount is given if quite 2 members area unit concerned in Star Criticare and set up.
The major diseases area unit coated, such as:

benefits Of Star Criticare Plus Insurance Policy 2

The first investigation of cancer, chronic nephrosis, neoplasm.

Major surgical operation for the primary time.

Cerebrovascular stroke inflicting unilateral paralysis.

Acute myocardial infarct leading to a left cavity ejection fraction of quite 25th.

Established irreversible coma.

Irreversible paraplegia.

Irreversible quadriplegia.

Minimum Age of entry 18 years
Maximum Age of entry 65 years
Insured Amount Rs 3/4/5/10 lakhs
Number members are often included For people solely
Premium Paying term One Year
Premium Paying Modes Annually/Monthly

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